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What experience does you relax and connect with your self?

I was invited to live the experience of a half-time session of Infinity Massage Therapy studio. Haminder, Founder of the Institute and Professional with which I had the pleasure of working is specialist in sports massages - and even having seriously face - it's a love person. 😄

The Institute is near the East St, if you do not know the center of Brighton so well, don't worry, it is only 12 minutes from the train station and also includes other services such as a beauty and aesthetic salon.

We talked a lot before the session exactly the intention of answering the first question of this post, and the Harminder has totally attentive to understand what my preferences and needs.

Like any customer, I could choose the music style, the product to be used (oil or cream), the density with which it would apply the massage and - what it was more asked me in Instagram: what the pieces of clothes I wanted to keep to feel comfortable during the session.

I am Brazilian and by nature (unfortunately) we learn to suspect everything and all. Then I received many messages of women who claimed to have great concern to know that the professional is man. If you feel uncomfortable as to whether it should be mentioned a few points: 

1- Brighton is really nice place to live, and here we privileges women and children in a way that I have not seen anywhere else, I feel really safe independent of the situation; 
2- Before accepting any work I like to understand who is the professional with whom I'm going to act, and I saw the same concern in Harminder, who was extremely attentive, respectful and wanted before the session begun.

I chose to receive the back massage because I would sit all day all overly affecting, mainly my shoulders, who are very tensioned. And it was clear by the session how much the muscular nodes were real and after I feeling more relaxed.

Because being professional specialist in the sports area it can also help in treatments such as muscle damage. Only only mention my problem (bowl displacement a few years ago) He made me specific questions about understanding how it would be possible to act to help on the general framework.

The experience was amazing, and as they say that an image says more than a thousand words, look my just as soon as we end:

It is clear that who is my follower has discount, then run it assured your session with 20% off!

The timetables are:
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 7pm to 10pm
Saturdays and Sundays of 10am to 7pm

Contacts: Instagram Site  /  Fone 0794 671 1196 / 12 Market St Brighton BN1 1HH / info@infinitymassagebrighton.co.uk

All the evaluations of the site are 5 star, and I want to leave that you will not be different 🏆


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