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Dresses are certainly one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, simple to wear (after all, with just one piece you're practically ready), they bring femininity and power.

If you live the dilemma of 'okay, but how do I get out of it during the winter?' believe me, I learned in practice how to create creative combinations for this. And I'll tell you my tricks now!


#1. Know how to choose the ideal fabric
Cooler fabrics such as silk, knits, linen... have a summer look, as they are more laid-back, with vibrant colors and are generally lighter and more fluid.

Likewise, there are several options for the winter that are warmer, in generally darker colors and with straighter drapes, which facilitates the assembly of layers.
Bet on: velvet, flannel and wool.


#2 Abuse of the sleeves
It sounds silly - it's so obvious - to remember, but choosing models with sleeves, albeit hollow sleeves, are options that work very well.

#3. Choose a good store
I recommend Ever Pretty without fear as the store brings many photos and detailed descriptions of the products, from colors and sizes to which materials are manufactured.

And speaking as a customer, I have never been disappointed with 'expectations vs. reality', because they honestly always exceeded my expectations!

No wonder I asked for a discount coupon so you could be as happy as I was, so when you checkout use 'Daniele25' and get 25% off all your purchases over £50

#4. Abuse of accessories and overlays
Winter is synonymous with layers of clothing. So why not do it in a stylish way?

I confess that I learned the power of a good second skin blouse and how to truly wear pantyhose just because I moved to the UK and needed these accessories to keep me warm.

If you bet on dresses with powerful slits, throw yourself in tights and thermal leggings.
If the chosen model values your bust much more with a beautiful neckline, bet on the use of colors or earrings that bring attention to that region. So, even with a heavier overcoat, your dress will stand out.

Ready to rock the parties in your dream dress this winter?


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