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Yes, the color of your look at the turn of the year can define what you will attract throughout the year! 😱 Calm down, I'll help you on your mission to attract exactly what you want by choosing the right look from Ever Pretty

Dresses para New Year

As a good Brazilian, I found out that this choice of colors for New Year's Eve as a form of sympathy for a good year exists much stronger and more flowery in tropical countries.

Today, living in England, I understand this is because obviously during the winter and with several layers of clothing, the priority is to stay warm and comfortable.

BUT, nothing to stop you from choosing a stunning dress with the ideal color!
So without further ado, write down the meanings of the colors:


Yellow and Gold are associated with gold and wealth, both material and spiritual, and symbolize joy and relaxation.
Therefore, it is the color for those who want to have money and shine in the coming year. Not bad, isn't it?

Pink is a variation of red (mix with white), making the color more serene.
Representative of love, including self-love, for being red softened by white, which provides romanticism, affection and self-esteem.

If you want to spend the next year more relaxed, invest in Blue. Representative of serenity and tranquility, it also favors the power of communication, in addition to generating well-being and patience.


Stimulating, Red is the color of passion, intense feelings, energy and desire. To live a fiery romance next year, bet on clothes or panties of this color.

Green is the color of hope and health. If that's what you want for you and your family next year, invest in color, which is also the symbol of fertility.

Orange awakens creativity and daring. Vibrant, the color conveys joy and draws attention, in addition to stimulating the mind. It will ensure a fresh rush and encourage enthusiasm.


The color Black is the color of contention for those who trust the power of colors during the turn, the truth is that few people choose the color black for the turn of the year, as they believe it is related to evil forces and negative energies, in addition to death.

In fact, black is the absence of color and therefore symbolizes independence. Color also represents decision making and dignity.

White is the opposite of black, as it is the union of all colors.
Very traditional in the Brazilian New Year, it is ideal for those who want peace and harmony in the year ahead.

Color also represents purity, so it is recommended for those who want to get rid of bad past energies and renew fluids.

I may even live in another country, but it's no secret for those who follow me on Instagram that I've already secured my d-i-v-i-n-e white dress at Ever Pretty to have peace in 2022!

Want to know the best part? 
Using my Daniele25 code on your purchase you guarantee 25% off!* 
*only to purchases over £50 

Happy New Year! 🥳 


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